The market for artificial intelligence and AI assistants is growing. You may not even realize how AI virtual assistant software is merging with products and services.

Digital Marketing

The main change powered by Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing strategies is seen in the way brands connect with their audiences. 

Many brands use chatbots, but marketers also use intelligent systems for content personalization, creating better-targeted campaigns, and cutting down costs. 

As a side note, this also shows that digital marketers may also need to learn Artificial Intelligence (at least at a basic level) in the nearest future.

Natural language interface

Natural language is more intuitive than web or mobile interfaces, which usually entail some degree of a learning curve. Instead of drop downs or checkboxes, personal assistants allow users to formulate queries naturally, by speaking or texting.

Thanks to the record low error rate in conversational speech recognition and improvement in natural language processing engines, personal assistants have already achieved a decent level of understanding of natural queries. Moreover, they’ve learned to identify their users.

For example, Amazon recently announced that Alexa is now able to recognize 10 different voices. Alexa-enabled devices are now able to provide personalized results to each user based on previously expressed preferences and behavior.


Speaking of personalization, this feature is absolutely essential for any digital product, as it offers a foolproof track to customer loyalty. However, AI assistants take this benefit to a whole new level.

First, virtual agents apply AI-powered capabilities to interpret user input and understand customer behavior. From here, they employ machine learning to refine their responses and deliver only relevant options based on consumer preferences.

Moreover, this personalization goes far beyond Alexa’s voice recognition. Personal assistants save users time by providing a limited amount of relevant options, instead of flooding users with a full range of both relevant and irrelevant results for a given search.

Rich knowledge base

Personal assistants can access a large spectrum of data.
They can provide everything from data insights that are readily available to field-specific content stored in integrated databases.
The integration capacity, flexibility, and self-learning ability of digital agents build part of this benefit. The current state of the market creates the other part.

New level of connectivity

It’s the intersection of two technologies that makes the unique connectivity possible.
AI-enabled assistants and innovations in the Internet of Things bring a whole new level of communication between devices, people, and companies.
Considering the volume and prospects of both markets, this will only grow in the future.

Enhanced productivity

Last on the list, but certainly not least, is the very basic functionality of AI assistants.
Originally built to facilitate human life by taking up routine and repetitive tasks, digital assistants already perform and even thrive in certain areas.

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