Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

Why people use these social networks: To connect with people (and brands) online.

If you’re a small business, like a restaurant, a platform like Facebook can be a great starting point for your social strategy. You can develop a social media strategy :

  • Regular updates about your business

  • Likes from other pages
  • Responses to comments or messages posted by customers

That includes links to your website and details about your menu.

For businesses looking to offer a professional service, B2B businesses, or publishing companies, LinkedIn is another great way to build your customer base. LinkedIn focuses on career-related networking.

A Twitter account can be useful for businesses in a wide range of industries, from entertainment to e-commerce.

This platform also allows you to create a profile where you can list and link information about your business.

You can then use Twitter to post business updates, tag businesses or customers in posts, retweet positive tweets from customers, and respond to customer questions via tweet or direct messages. Like Facebook, you can also post content such as photos or videos.

Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, YouTube

About 88% of marketers say that video provides them with a strong return on investment and 90% believe that the level of competition for video has increased. 
  • Video a tool for corporate marketing communication

Indeed, video is nowadays a must if you want to improve your company’s visibility and communicate with your customers. It is useful to improve the brand image of the company, and in particular to reinforce it by creating a more particular link with the customers.
Video is also used to guide and accompany customers towards “societal marketing“. And of course, when well edited, it will serve as a springboard to beat your competitors. Used wisely, video marketing is a reliable tool to improve your image and your sales figures.
While the majority of posts on relationship networks contain text, posts on networks like Instagram , TikTok and Snapchat start with an image or video, to which users can choose to add content like captions, mentions of other users or filters that make you look like a bunny.
When determining whether or not your business should establish a presence on a media sharing network, it’s important to consider the resources you have available.

If there’s one thing the most successful brands on platforms like TikTok , YouTube or Instagram have in common, it’s a meticulously planned mission and carefully curated media assets, which usually follow a specific theme.

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